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Pre-conference tour: Kórnik - Rogalin

Kórnik a city in the Poznań poviat, is famous for two attractions - The Castle and Arboretum

- The neogothic Kórnik Castle was the seat of the many nobel families from 14th century. Today, the decorations, especially parquat flooring and a rich collection of furniture catch the eye. The castle is proud of the fact that most of it's collection is originally from Kórnik

- The Arboretum - The Arboretum covers an area of nearly 50 hectares, where you can admire a collection of over 3000 species of trees and shrubs from all corners of the world. Being well known all over Poland, rhododendrons and azaleas draw their enthusiasts from May to September.

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A condition of the trip is a group at least 20 people. Cost of the trip: 170 PLN / 40 EUR. The payment of the Kórnik tour must be done by bank transfer. The payment can be done together with the conference fee.



Retro Tram Tour

Is a great option for organised groups who want to see the overview of the city in weather-proof conditions. You will see the most important spots in Poznan with a guide's commentary. However, a good commentary with sense of humour is a must, but it is not enough to keep you engaged. To make sure you won’t fall asleep, we use several gadgets and tricks. If possible, the guide puts on an old-school tram-staff uniform, we punch your retro tickets and on your seats you are going to find mysterious packed objects. We are going to unpack them together! All of them are somehow connected with the city and will help you understand its culture.

Time Travelrs Tour: Imagine the guide dressed up in a costume … be it a 17th C. Polish nobleman. He’s wearing an ornamented sabre at his side, long leather boots and a feather cap. He greets you with a tough hug and brags about his war exploits. He takes out the sabre and … points it at the Town Hall and explains to you the political message on its facade. Or imagine a beautiful girl from the 10th C., when Christianity clashed with paganism. She’s wearing mysterious charms and keeps talking about gods and beliefs from the past. She then takes you to the crypt, where Mieszko I was buried – the prince who brought an end to her religion. This is the essence of Time Travel tours, which you must take part after the tram tour.

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Conference Dinner – Regional Dinner

Only for registered participants (students fee does not cover the attractions cost).

Porta Posnania

The exhibition of Porta Posnania is the popular attraction in Poznań, offering many sightseeing options. We tell the history of the Cathedral Island using simple language, free from academic jargon. Thanks to multimedia solutions interesting information is easy to find. The exhibition space is also suitable for people with various disabilities.

The main exhibition presents the history of the unique place, which is the Cathedral Island next to Porta Posnania. The exhibition leads you through four halls: Castle, Water, Gold and Stained Glass, and invites you to have a direct interaction with the heritage, right there, at your fingertips It covers the period from the foundation of the castle in the 10th century to the present day. It tells the story of people, events and moments of crucial importance for the Poznan Cathedral Island, which was a place where science, art and commerce could flourish. The presentation of more than a thousand years of history allows visitors to understand the changes that have taken place over the centuries.

We offer two sightseeing routes: one for young people and adults, and one for families with children. An integral part of each of them is the audio guide which leads you through the exhibition and allows you to explore it at your own pace. Additionally, the family route turns the exhibition into a field game. Both solutions are among the most innovative in Poland.

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Only for registered participants (students fee does not cover the attractions cost).


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